On 29 June 2022, the French High Council for Assessing Research and Higher Education (HCERES) published its assessment report on BRGM for the period 2017-2021.
30 June 2022
BRGM laboratories in Orléans and Hcéres 2022 evaluation report.

BRGM laboratories in Orléans and Hcéres 2022 evaluation report.

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The BRGM assessment report was published by HCERES in June 2022. Drawn up by a committee of international experts chaired by Pascal Viné, it underlines "BRGM’s prominent role in the field of soil and subsurface studies, which are unrivalled in France".

It acknowledges the "scale of the work undertaken" between 2017 and 2021, and notes a "significant improvement in the internal organisation". "The quality of research and expertise" is identified as one of the organisation's strengths.

BRGM, "an organisation of strategic importance"

The report also highlights that "BRGM is very well positioned in the fields of mining and post-mining, critical materials, energy transition and the circular economy, which are all extremely important subjects in the current context".

The committee notably recommends that BRGM should strengthen its national and European leadership and develop a structured regional partnership approach to support public policies.

Extract from the French Geological Reference Platform geological map of the Pyrenees

BRGM's management is pleased to note that the HCERES assessment committee acknowledges BRGM's utility and its key role in the fields of soil and subsurface research and expertise, in France and around the world. The management of soil and subsurface risks and resources is essential in the current context of climate change and ecological transition. In addition to acknowledging the decisions taken since 2017, the positive conclusions of this assessment will enable us to prepare effective strategic plans with our supervisory ministries, and establish BRGM's next Objectives and Performance Contract for the period up to 2027.

Michèle Rousseau, BRGM Chair and Managing Director
Logo of the Hcéres.

Logo of the Hcéres.

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The High Council for Assessing Research and Higher Education (HCERES) is the independent French public authority responsible for assessing all higher education and research organisations. It also validates assessment procedures carried out by other bodies. Through its analyses, assessments and recommendations, HCERES monitors, supports and provides recommendations for the continuous improvement of higher education and research in France.