On 18 April 2018, the BRGM and EDF signed an addendum to their framework partnership agreement, which extends cooperation between the two organisations for a further three years and broadens the range of topics addressed.
27 April 2018

The BRGM and EDF have agreed on a 3-year extension of their framework agreement signed in 2015, of which the object is to strengthen cooperation between the French geological survey and EDF, the market leader in carbon-free energy, for the deployment of projects of common interest.

A broader range of working topics

The BRGM and EDF have jointly conducted various collaborative projects, particularly on topics relating to ground stability, the vulnerability of built infrastructure to seismic risks, strategic mineral resources and geothermal energy and energy storage.

The addendum signed on 18 April 2018 considerably broadens the topics of common interest to the BRGM and EDF R&D, which now encompass :

  • Natural risks, NaTech (technological accidents triggered by a natural event), adaptation to climate change ;
  • The energy transition, climate change mitigation ;
  • The circular economy, resource rationalisation, environmental issues.

The activities undertaken may concern, in particular, contracts for studies, expertise or scientific collaboration, conducting tests, developing new applications, joint responses to calls for projects, organising scientific events and hosting interns and PhD or post-doc students.