The 31st issue of BRGM's Géorama magazine is entitled "Geosciences, ecotechnologies and sustainable cities". As spaces that are now home to a large part of the human population, cities are places in which the majority of challenges posed by sustainable development manifest themselves and need to be resolved.
1 December 2014
Cover of Issue 31 of the Géorama magazine

Cover of Issue 31 of the Géorama magazine. 


Issue 31 of Géorama – entitled "Geosciences, ecotechnologies and sustainable cities" – gives an overview of BRGM's expertise in this field. 

The French Geological Survey supports public authorities, technical agencies and industrial companies by providing its expertise in areas such as "urban mining" and the circular economy, the management of urban spaces (degraded sites, assessing the impact of human activities on water and the environment, taking account of natural risks), renewable energies, etc. 

Géorama No. 31