The 30th issue of BRGM's Géorama magazine is entitled "Geothermal energy and heat production". The development of geothermal energy has emerged as a promising response to the challenges of the energy transition.
1 April 2014
   Cover of Issue 30 of the Géorama magazine

Cover of Issue 30 of the Géorama magazine. 


Against the backdrop of the energy transition in France and the energy-efficiency targets to be achieved by European Union Member States by 2020, geothermal energy – a renewable energy that is available 24/7 – stands out as a relevant solution to these challenges. 

BRGM was involved in setting up the first geothermal heating networks in France, and has contributed to the growth of geothermal electricity production and the development of Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS). Today, BRGM continues to be actively involved in the development of these sectors, along with its subsidiaries CFG Services and Géothermie Bouillante. 

Géorama No. 30