Issue 20 of BRGM's Géosciences journal is entitled "Geosciences driving Innovation". Geosciences are fields of expertise with growing importance and value for the future. They will help drive the development of innovations in various sectors, opening up new resources and processes, and new uses of the geological environment.
1 March 2016
Cover of Issue 20 of the Géosciences journal

Cover of Issue 20 of the Géosciences journal.


Innovating through geosciences is the underlying theme addressed in the 20th issue of BRGM's Géosciences journal.

Innovations in the field of geosciences draw on various geoscientific tools: metrology, large databases, interpretation and forecasting software, and geostatistics.

There are numerous social challenges that these innovations must rise to: access to mineral resources and water, climate change and the development of new energies, natural and environmental risks, the growing role of digital technologies, etc.

Géosciences journal No. 20