To coincide with COP21, the 28 members of AllEnvi, the French environmental research alliance, are releasing a publication of exceptional interest. As one of the founder members of AllEnvi, the BRGM is closely involved in this initiative.
18 November 2015
Special issue cover

Special issue cover.


To coincide with the 21st United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP21), AllEnvi, the French national environmental research alliance, has just released a 64-page publication describing scientific success stories concerning climate change, its consequences and solutions for mitigation and adaptation.

BRGM contributions to the publication as a founder member of AllEnvi

The BRGM, as a founder member of AllEnvi, is closely involved in the publication, which describes "60 scientific success stories for a sustainable Earth".

The editorial committee selected some 60 emblematic achievements among many other successes in the French research community. The publication illustrates the outstanding efforts of French scientists to pool their expert knowledge across disciplines in order to inform society and put forward solutions for sustainability.

60 scientific success stories