An innovative method of carbon capture and storage could substantially reduce the emission of small industries while using geothermal energy to heat homes and thus replacing fossil-fuel energies.
6 December 2019

Recognized by the scientific community as the main cause of global warming, CO2 levels in the atmosphere continue to soar, as confirmed by the November 2019 report of the World Meteorological Organization. 

The main cause of this increase is human-induced industrial and economic activity, emitting approximately 35 billion tonnes (35 Gt) of CO2 per year worldwide, to which we must add the effects of deforestation and land urbanization (6 Gt per year). 

Vegetation and oceans do play their role as natural sinks by absorbing more than half these quantities, but the surplus continues to accumulate in the atmosphere year after year and is causing a relentless increase in CO2 levels.