As the French reference institution for geoscience research, the BRGM addressed a great many topics in 2017.
10 August 2018
Cover of BRGM Annual Report 2017

Cover of BRGM Annual Report 2017. 


2017 was a year for collective discussions, in-house and with external partners, to build up the BRGM's new performance contract with the State and define our policy guidelines and activities for 2018-2022. Our work to prepare the performance contract was also an opportunity to redesign our scientific strategy around six key challenges. 

The BRGM's turnover increased significantly in 2017 - by 2.9% - thanks to sustained demand, both in France and internationally, and the equally sustained efforts of all our staff. Numerous activities were undertaken in 2017 to improve our overall in-house performance. 

Annual Report 2017