IGN (the French National Geographic Institute) and BRGM are organising a call for candidates in order to encourage the development of projects and support innovative solutions to meet the major challenges of major water management issues. A launch event was held on 5 December 2023. The call for applications is open from 15 December 2023 to 26 January 2024.
Inneauv event - call for candidates

Inneauv event - call for candidates


Exploit the full potential of cartographic data and tools to develop innovations in the field of water management

Protecting water resources, improving our knowledge and access to information, managing and preventing risks, etc. As humankind embarks on an inevitable ecological transition, rising to the challenges of water management has become a crucial issue.

Through this first joint call for candidates, IGN and BRGM aim to support the development of innovations that can respond to these challenges, and to the growing needs of local players in terms of managing public policies.

You are:

  • a start-up
  • a small business or SME
  • an association
  • a water management body 
  • a region that is open to implementing experimental projects 

Are you developing an innovative service or looking to test new water-management services based on cartographic data and tools? Register for the Inneauv call for candidates, open from 15 December 2023 to 26 January 2024.

Pain de Sucre waterfall

7 winners of the INNEAUV call for applications

On 23 May 2024, IGN and BRGM announced at VivaTech the winners of their Inneauv call for applications, which was launched last December.

Inneauv in brief

The call for candidates covers three water-related issues:

  • Water as a resource: availability, planning and managing resources and their uses, developing and/or maintaining wetland ecosystems, developing agriculture that protects water resources, energy production, etc.
  • Improving knowledge of water: support for decision-making concerning water infrastructures, water quality management/monitoring, etc.
  • Risk prevention and management: flood prevention, droughts, clay soils, etc.

Why take part in Inneauv? 

If you are start-up, small business, SME or association, you can benefit from: 

  • personalised support drawing on the know-how, skills, data and technologies of IGN and BRGM (including in terms of public procurement processes),
  • access to an ecosystem of public and industrial partners, as well as regions that are committed to implementing experimental projects (local authorities),
  • workspaces in the IGN's premises.

If you are a local or regional authority, you can support projects and try out the proposed solutions locally.

Replay: Launch of the Inneauv call for applications - 5 December 2023

A look back at the evening presentation of the Inneauv call for applications on 5 December. Launched by the IGN and the BRGM, this call for applications aims to encourage and support innovative solutions to major water issues.


Key dates for the call for candidates

  • 5 December 2023: launch event 
  • 15 December 2023: opening of the call for candidates 
  • 26 January 2024: closure of the call for candidates 
  • March 2024: selection of projects by the panel of judges
  • April 2024: start of IGN/BRGM project support scheme