OUAIP is an application designed to support interpretations and simulations of hydrogeological pumping tests.

These pumping tests are conducted to determine the hydraulic properties of aquifers. They are used by hydrogeologists to determine the flow rates of operational pumping wells and estimate the hydrodynamic parameters governing underground water flows. 

Pumping tests interpretations are the basis for quantifying the specific parameters of a pumping well (step drawdown test) and the characteristic hydrodynamic parameters of an aquifer. 

OUAIP, developed by the BRGM, is a freeware application designed to interpret and simulate hydrogeological pumping tests. It offers a range of analytical solutions (e.g. for porous, fissured, captive or semi-captive environments) and also handles disruptive effects (related to wells, limits, capacity, etc.). 

OUAIP software: home page and simulation mode

Logiciel OUAIP : accueil et mode simulation. 


Pratical information 

  • Operating system: Windows (XP, 7) 
  • Programming language: VB.NET 
  • Languages: French, English (translations may be provided in other languages)