OUAIP is a software dedicated to the interpretation and simulation of pumping tests in hydrogeology (well tests, groundwater tests).

    Test pumping is an essential part of groundwater studies and is most often required when quantitative data on water resources are needed.

    Test pumping is a hydraulic test of the aquifer. It is the operation by which the hydrogeologist determines the operating rate of a structure (borehole) and estimates the parameters of the groundwater flow laws.  In particular, the interpretation of a test pumping allows the quantification of parameters specific to the structure and hydrodynamic parameters characteristic of the aquifer.

    OUAIP, developed by the BRGM, is a freeware application designed to interpret and simulate hydrogeological pumping tests. It offers a range of analytical solutions (e.g. for porous, fissured, captive or semi-captive environments) and also handles disruptive effects (related to wells, limits, capacity, etc.). 


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    Pratical information 

    • Operating system: Windows (XP, 7, 10) 
    • Programming language: VB.NET 
    • Languages: French, English (translations may be provided in other languages) 
    Trial pumping in a borehole, Jordan

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