The HYPE tool allows the statistical study of chronicles of evolution of groundwater quality. HYPE draws on several years of studies on the applicability of statistical methods to the study of groundwater quality and tests on theoretical and real data. It thus integrates the most powerful and robust statistical methods in this specific field.
    Example of graphs generated by the HYPE tool applied to a chronicle of evolution of nitrate concentration in groundwater

    Example of graphical outputs provided by the HYPE tool applied to a chronicle of evolution of nitrate concentration in groundwater at point 01205X0109/F6. On the left: "Characterisation" module, on the right: "Trends and Breaks" module.

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    HYPE was designed to directly process the national groundwater database, ADES (exports in ASCII format from producer or public sites) but it can also be applied to other data, formatted using a spreadsheet. It was developed with the R software. While R has to be installed, no programming skills are required to use it. A tool and its user manual are available (see below). 

    HYPE consists of 2 main modules, both of which are easy to use: 

    • The "Characterisation" module allows you to visualise the chronicles of evolution of one or more chemical parameters monitored at one or more sampling points. HYPE generates a summary of the main characteristics of each chronicle (mean, quantification rate, length of the chronicle, etc.) thus facilitating their comparison. 
    • The "Trends and breaks" module can be used to determine whether there are significant trends and/or breaks in the chronicles. HYPE generates graphs of the chronicles and the trends and breaks (change of mean and inversion of slope) identified. 

    HYPE was first used on a large scale in 2012 to meet the requirements of the WFD (Water Framework Directive) concerning the characterisation of the quality of groundwater bodies and to assess the risk of not meeting the WFD's environmental objectives. 

    Practical information 

    • Language(s): French 
    • Operating system: Windows (XP, 7), 
    The Vologne river in Xonrupt-Longemer

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