To fulfil its geoscience missions, BRGM draws on a diversity of expert knowledge. With the expertise of its 1000 employees, BRGM is France’s leading public institution in the field of Earth Sciences for the management of surface and subsurface resources and risks. If you would like to contribute to this dynamic scientific and technical mission, join us!

BRGM job offers

Whether you are looking for a permanent or fixed-term contract, a post-doctoral position or a voluntary civic service internship in geosciences or an administrative post, send us your application now! We take on more than 200 new employees a year, primarily researchers, engineers and technicians, for jobs in mainland France and the French Overseas Territories.

We are also committed to training the talented people of the future and many positions are open to students on work-study schemes, interns and PhD students.

5 good reasons for joining BRGM 

  • An opportunity to work with teams of dedicated experts on innovative research projects addressing key issues in society.
  • An HR policy that promotes skills development and mobility as well as professional equality and diversity.
  • Special attention is paid to working conditions, with an environment conducive to employee well-being and a number of staff benefits.
  • A workplace culture and values based on our code of ethics: respect, cooperation, competence, transparency and objectivity.
  • A CSR policy focused on environmental protection and employee well-being.
Entering piezometric data

Our job opportunities

Engineers, researchers, project managers and technicians in the field of geosciences (geology, hydrogeology, contaminated sites and soils, chemistry and geochemistry, IT systems, geotechnology, geophysics, post-mining, geothermal energy, etc.), but also management or support positions; these are among the many job opportunities available at BRGM every year.

Numerous job opportunities are offered every year at BRGM for geoscience engineers, researchers, project managers and technicians, but also for managers and support staff.

In BRGM's laboratories, Orléans
BRGM job offers
Whether you are looking for a permanent or fixed-term contract, a post-doctoral position or a voluntary civic service internship in geosciences or a support role, send us your application now!
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Sampling of rare-earth enriched ore from the Mount Weld mine, Australia
BRGM professions
We recruit professional scientists and technicians, along with support and guidance staff.
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A geochemist analysing a sample of soil contaminated with mercury, Orléans
BRGM HR commitments
We are also committed to becoming a disability-friendly organisation and our vacancies are therefore open to people with disabilities.
Further information about our HR policy

BRGM locations

Jobs are available at our scientific and technical centre in Orléans or in our regional offices in mainland France or overseas.

Julianehåb migmatite complex, Greenland

BRGM recruitment process

BRGM has a formal recruitment procedure, which sets out how each recruitment process is to be prepared and implemented, in accordance with the company's human resources policy, labour relations agreements, strategy and staffing levels. See below the recruitment process for staff hired on permanent and fixed-term contracts (PhD students are subject to a different process).

How the recruitment process works

After you apply on our website, if your profile matches the requirements of the vacancy your application will be forwarded by the HR Recruitment Unit to the department in which the successful candidate will work. If the department is interested in your profile, you will be contacted for a preliminary telephone interview to confirm certain recruitment criteria (availability, salary expectations, etc.). If you are then short-listed, you will be invited to the recruitment interviews which take place in Orléans. During these interviews, you will meet the following in succession:

  • the operations managers involved, including the team manager;
  • an operations manager directly linked to the vacancy; 
  • the Human Resources Department.

The purpose of these interviews is to discuss your motivation and your career plan, but also to check the fit between your technical and soft skills and the requirements of the vacancy in order to make sure your integration is successful.

Additional tests and/or interviews may be arranged before a final decision is made.

At the end of the process, each candidate interviewed is given a personalised response.

Foreign workers: procedures for working at BRGM

Citizens of member countries of the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland are free to work in France. All they need is a valid identity card or passport. They do not need a residence permit or a work permit. They only need to be able to show their contract of employment or a declaration of employment issued by the employer.

The work permit rules in France are much stricter for non-European foreigners. The latter must hold a valid residence permit valid as a work permit or a work permit in addition to their residence permit.

France has bilateral agreements with certain states which lay down specific rules concerning the work of their nationals in France (e.g. Algeria).

The procedures for applying for a work permit are relatively complex, since their content varies according to many factors: whether or not the employee lives in France, whether or not he or she is ordinarily resident in the country, etc. It is therefore advisable to contact the administrative authorities to find out what formalities to follow.

At the border, all foreign nationals wishing to come to France must be able to show the regulatory documents relating to the purpose of the stay, their means of subsistence and their accommodation conditions. As a general rule, a visa is required unless an exemption is granted.

The employer or the company located in France that plans to recruit you must ask for prior authorisation from the French authorities. The visa issued to you will correspond to the duration of your stay and the characteristics of your employment contract.

To obtain information, to prepare and submit your visa application or to follow up your application, log on to France-visas, the official website for visas to France. This website contains all the information you need to guide you through the process and assist you at each stage of your application (preparing documentation, entering data and submitting and following up your application).

BRGM is at your disposal to help you with your procedures. Remember that the formalities for obtaining residence permits can be lengthy and must be completed before recruitment.

Extracting cerussite by gravimetric separation, Olovo

Our induction programme

The onboarding process is a major factor in helping new employees take up their position and become part of the institution. With this in mind, an induction programme has been set up to help new BRGM recruits get familiar with the institution, the working environment and their job.

During the induction period, follow-up meetings are regularly organised between new recruits, their manager and their sponsor. These meetings enable us to check that the integration period is going smoothly and to make any adjustments to the support programme that may be needed.

The induction process also involves training courses during the first few months, in particular the "Knowledge of the Institution" course, a 2-day module involving presentations and guided tours.