BRGM is a partner of the World Materials Forum to be held in Paris on 11 July 2024.
World Materials Forum logo.

World Materials Forum logo.


Risky DeepTech and Social Acceptability: the Winning Pair

The 2024 edition of the World Materials Forum, entitled "Risky DeepTech and Social Acceptability: the Winning Pair", will take place in Paris on 11 July.

The World Materials Forum, a yearly event, is attended by leaders of companies of all sizes, from all over the world, to exchange views with professionals, politicians, scientists and NGO representatives. The aim of the event is not only to express ideas, but also to put forward solutions and help implement them by involving all the stakeholders in the materials value chain, from mining to recycling.

Christophe Poinssot, Deputy CEO of BRGM, will speak at the opening session of the event,