At a time when it is becoming increasingly urgent to decarbonise energy production in order to counter global warming, BRGM is taking part in an evening event at the Orléans Museum for Biodiversity and the Environment (MOBE) to raise awareness of the energy transition.

Summary of the conference

Will we have enough mineral resources to meet our decarbonisation targets?

The new energy transition technologies cannot be developed without strategic mineral resources. The availability of these materials is therefore a major issue for the coming years, raising not only economic questions but also ethical and sovereignty issues.

Do these materials exist? Where are they? Do we know how to produce and process them? How can we optimise their use? These are just some of the issues to be addressed at the conference.


  • Stéphane Bourg, Director of the French Observatory of Mineral Resources for Industrial Sectors (OFREMI) at BRGM
  •  Gaétan Lefebvre, geological engineer and project manager at BRGM


Practical information

Science Tuesdays
13 February 2024 - 8pm

Muséum d'Orléans pour la Biodiversité et l'Environnement 
6 Rue Marcel Proust, 45000 Orléans, France Loiret, (45)

Free access