To fulfil its missions in the field of geosciences, BRGM draws on the expertise of 1,000 employees with a diverse range of skills. BRGM is France’s leading public institution in the field of Earth Sciences, developing tools and applications for the management of surface and subsurface resources and risks. If you would like to contribute to this dynamic scientific and technical mission, join us today!

Whether you are looking for a permanent or fixed-term contract, a post-doctorate or civic-service internship in geosciences or an administrative post,  send us your application now! We take on more than 200 new staff a year – primarily researchers, engineers and technicians – for positions in mainland France and the French Overseas Territories.

We are also committed to training tomorrow's talented personnel and many positions are open to students on work-study schemes, interns and PhD students.

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5 good reasons for joining BRGM

  • The chance to work with teams of dedicated experts on innovative research projects addressing key societal issues,
  • An HR policy that promotes skills development and mobility as well as professional equality and diversity,
  • High-quality working conditions, with an environment conducive to employee well-being and a number of staff benefits,
  • A workplace culture and values based on professional ethics and the principles of respect, cooperation, competence, transparency and impartiality,
  • A CSR policy focused on environmental protection and employee well-being.

Your career with BRGM

We attach great importance to your career development.

Ongoing occupational training is one of the keys to your career development - which is why we devote 6% of our payroll to the training budget. Each year, 90% of our employees complete at least one training course to enable them to maintain or develop their skills.

We also have an HR policy that provides you with opportunities to further your career, take on responsibilities, work in different geographical regions, or even on international assignments so as to take your expertise beyond our national borders.

Our job opportunities

Engineers, researchers, project managers, technicians in the field of geosciences (geology, hydrogeology, polluted sites and soils, chemistry and geochemistry, information systems, geotechnology, geophysics, post-mining, geothermal energy, etc.), but also positions in management or administrative functions; these are some of the many job opportunities available at BRGM every year.

Positions are available at our scientific and technical centre in Orléans or in our regional offices in mainland France or overseas.

We are also committed to becoming a disability-friendly organisation and our vacancies are therefore open to people with disabilities.

Discover our professions

Video portrait of Delphine Allier, a BRGM hydrogeologist. Hydrogeology aims to better understand water, an essential resource for life. 

© Centre Sciences 

After a science high-school degree and preparatory classes, I entered an engineering school: ENTPE, National School of Public Works of the State. After that, I specialized in the environment. 

I've always wanted a job that allows me to interact with my environment and apply my beliefs, and water was my first attraction. I've started out by doing groundwater mapping. And as groundwater resources are invisible, they're quite difficult to map. You need to understand how they interact with man, whether there are relationships between groundwater and surface water, and how, when water is required for irrigation or drinking water, we will extract the groundwater, and whether there is enough to satisfy needs. Plus also, regarding quality, we ensure it's of a high level and well protected from different kinds of surface pollution. We know very little about aquifers and water tables in France and worldwide. So we still have many things to discover. Working in research is very satisfying, because we're the guarantors, in a way, of a science. Plus we pass this on to others. We take part in a lot of conferences and training sessions, so you get a real feeling that you're contributing to resource management. That's also very satisfying because it's a concrete contribution. One of the advantages in scientific research is that you're free to organize your time depending on your projects. Plus the work can be very varied. You can work in the office doing lots of mapping or doing modelling on a computer. You can also take part in international projects where you go out into the field. Or you can work with the laboratory technicians. So there's a wide variety of choices on offer. We also take part in putting together new projects. So if there's something we care about or good partnerships to be forged for a project, then we can decide to set up a project with teams we get on well with. So we have great freedom in choosing our projects and in managing our daily work.

Evolution of the direct disability employment rate at BRGM

Evolution of the direct disability employment rate at BRGM.


Employment and disability at BRGM: our recruitment embraces all talents!

BRGM, an inclusive organisation

BRGM has an active policy in favour of employing persons with disabilities.

It aims to be a truly inclusive organisation:

  • by recruiting disabled employees on long-term contracts, based on the principle of inclusion through competence. BRGM pays particular attention to organising the workstations of new recruits as soon as they are hired. Consequently, each person - whether an employee on a permanent or fixed-term contract, temporary worker or trainee - works under the best possible conditions and everyone can fully express their skills and ability;
  • by providing training to help young people with disabilities build more secure career paths (through internships, work-study contracts, etc.).
  • by ensuring job stability for disabled employees through personalised support during their careers and accessibility to BRGM sites.
  • by establishing innovative partnerships with the sheltered or adapted employment sector (indirect employment through contracts with disability-friendly enterprises and independent disabled workers) to contribute to indirect employment and the clear policy of inclusion at BRGM.

In 7 years, the direct disability employment rate at BRGM has risen from 1.8% in 2014 to 5.6% in 2021, not far from the regulatory target of 6%.

BRGM has signed the Inclusive Business Charter, which is part of the national initiative entitled "La France, une chance, les entreprises s'engagent" ("France, an opportunity, businesses commit").

All our positions are open to people with disabilities.

Our recruitment process

You should send your job application via our website. If your profile matches the requirements of the position to be filled, your application will be forwarded by the HR Recruitment Unit to the department/office in which the successful candidate will work. If the department/office is interested in your profile, you will be contacted for a preliminary telephone interview to validate certain recruitment criteria (availability, salary expectations, etc.). If you are then short-listed, you will be invited to the recruitment interviews which take place in Orléans. During these interviews, you will meet (successively):

  • the operational managers concerned, including the team manager,
  • an operational manager directly linked to the post to be filled, 
  • the Human Resources Manager.

The interviews are used to assess why you think you are the right person for the job and discuss your career plan, but also to check the fit between your technical and soft skills and the position to be filled, to ensure the future integration is successful!

Additional tests and/or interviews may be arranged before a final decision is made.

At the end of the process, each candidate interviewed is given a personalised response.

Our integration programme

The integration process is a key to helping new employees take up their position and become part of the company.

With this in mind, an integration programme has been set up to help new BRGM recruits get familiar with the company, the working environment and their job.

During the integration period, follow-up meetings are regularly organised between the new recruit, his/her manager and his/her sponsor. These meeting enable us to check that the integration period is going smoothly and to make any adjustments to the support programme that may be needed.

The integration process also involves training courses during the first few months, in particular the "Knowledge of the company" course, a 2-day module involving presentations and guided tours.