The BRGM is contributing to the Eduthèque portal run by the French Ministry of Education to provide free access for teachers to educational, cultural and scientific materials.
Eduthèque home page

Home page of the Eduthèque website


The BRGM provides a range of materials for teachers through the Eduthèque portal:

  • educational videos,
  • films on the geoscience professions,
  • exhibition materials,
  • graphic materials illustrating geological phenomena,
  • 3D models,
  • geological maps,
  • training kits.

Eduthèque: public scientific and cultural resources for teaching

About the Eduthèque

The Eduthèque portal provides teachers with access to:

  • educational resources from major public cultural and scientific institutions,
  • links to other relevant resources from cultural and scientific institutions,
  • ideas for using available educational resources by integrating them into their classroom teaching.

The aim of the Eduthèque

The Eduthèque portal of the French Ministry of Education aims to:

  • provide teachers with royalty-free resources to help them prepare for their classes,
  • enable teachers to ensure equal access for all students to the widest possible range of cultural and scientific digital materials.