The DUPLOS online declaration portal

The DUPLOS (Unified declaration for underground works) online declaration portal.


DiaLog, a web application for describing drilling operations

DiaLog, a web application for describing drilling operations.


DiaLog - a web application for describing drilling operations, linked to the DUPLOS and Géothermies portals

Drilling operations – whether destructive drilling or core sampling – are used to identify the underlying terrain, take physical measurements or collect data. Whether aimed at improving knowledge or for the purpose of practical applications, the drilling operations need to sized and technically described.

DiaLog was developed by BRGM to replace the GesFor software. It draws on the technical features of the latter, but also adds new ones and combines the whole in a more user-friendly web interface.

In addition to the technical and geological descriptions of the works, various tests and measurements can also be described and included: test pumping (linked with the OUAIP software package), Thermal Response Tests (TRT), well logs, etc.

This tool generates single or multi-criteria visual cross-sections using the GDM services.

Combined with the GMI portal for online declarations or the DUPLOS (French Mining Code) portal, DiaLog can also generate the provisional work report or the end-of-drilling report in PDF format. The administrative information declared is also incorporated into DiaLog.

DiaLog is linked to the registers and databases of BRGM's information system and is also connected to other tools. DiaLog is therefore a more efficient tool for ensuring information is directly recorded in the subsurface database (BSS).