GesFor software gradually replaced by DUPLOS and its DiaLog tool

    BRGM is developing new tools to simplify the declaration and description of underground works (including drilling operations).

    In this context, the GesFor software is gradually being replaced by the DUPLOS declaration portal coupled with the DiaLog tool, a web application for describing  underground works.

    DiaLog, developed by BRGM to replace the GesFor software, includes the technical functions of the latter, adds new ones and brings them together in a more ergonomic web interface.

    This new system for declaring and describing drilling operations is gradually being deployed in the various French regions.

    When the tool is available for your region, we encourage you to use the DUPLOS portal and the DiaLog tool. See the list of eligible regions on the DUPLOS portal.

    The GesFor software remains available for the time being. However, it is no longer supported.

    GesFor, a drilling management application maintained by the BRGM, is supplied free of charge to drilling professionals, who may use it to: 

    • Prepare site documentation (measurement sheets, checklists, etc.), 
    • Draw technical and geological cross-sections of boreholes, 
    • Plot discharge curves from their pumping data, 
    • Draw up drilling reports, 
    • Export drilling files to the subsoils databank (BSS) or other GesFor database, 
    • Manage drilling archives. 

    In return for supplying the software free of charge, the BRGM expects drilling professionals to use GesFor to declare projects involving the subsoil as required by law under the Mining Code. 

    Important note: please read before installing GesFor 

    • Single user: The current version of GesFor is a “single user” package, meaning that a GesFor database cannot be accessed simultaneously from two workstations. 
    • Data saving: Only one version of GesFor can be used on a workstation. Therefore, before using this new version, users are advised to complete all tasks begun with the previous version and to save the data. 

    Once you have done so, you will be able to download the following to start using the new version: 

    • A compressed file containing all GesFor installation data for Windows 98, XP, Vista or Seven;  
    • A PDF guide on compliance with the Ministerial Order of 11 September 2003 concerning section 1.1.0 of the Water Nomenclature, with the Adobe Acrobat Reader installer if needed. 
    • If applicable, one or more compressed files containing updates for the current version. 

    We hope you will enjoy working with GesFor. 

    Deep geothermal drilling site, Alsace

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