Geoloquiz is a board game created by BRGM that allows you to discover geology while having fun! Answer the questions and try to be the first to get to the centre of the board.
6 December 2021

How old is the Earth? Where does tap water come from? Can a metal like iron be recycled? Try to answer these questions to advance from square to square and reach the centre of the board before your opponents.

The Geoloquiz game, presented for the first time by BRGM during the Fête de la science 2021, will help you discover the Earth, its geological features and much more scientific information. If you are lucky, you will land on the bonus squares that will allow you to move forward faster – but beware of the traps!

Who can play?

Everyone! This game, combining general knowledge and scientific discoveries can be played by 2 to 6 players, from 6 years old with no age limit!

How is it played?

Click on the following links to download the game rules, board and playing cards. Print them out, get some counters and dice and the game can begin!

Authors of the game: Nicolas Charles, Cyril Boucley et Agnès Noël (BRGM)