BRGM and Lithium de France, France's leading independent operator of geothermal heat and lithium, are combining their expertise in a scientific and industrial partnership.
3 July 2024

Following on from a number of previous joint projects, including one supported by the French National Research Agency and coordinated by BRGM, the two parties wished to formalise a partnership agreement to speed up the joint implementation of scientific studies into geothermal resources in Northern Alsace.

The joint research work will focus on gaining a better understanding of the mechanisms of natural lithium enrichment in geological reservoirs in order to optimise prospecting methods and define the conditions for sustainable management of the geothermal lithium resource.

A research partnership applied to industrial development

Through an experimental approach in the laboratory coupled with 3D numerical simulations, this study will improve our understanding of the natural lithium cycle, and estimate the amount of lithium that can be extracted.

This collaboration between BRGM and Lithium de France aims to preserve the natural environment of geothermal lithium and secure a sovereign resource that is essential to the energy transition.

About Lithium de France

Lithium de France is France's leading independent operator of geothermal heat and lithium. Founded in 2020 as part of the Arverne group, its mission is to accelerate the energy transition by supplying heat to businesses, farmers and local authorities, and by producing lithium for electric mobility. It is a pioneer in this new, innovative and environmentally-friendly French industry. Its head office is in Bischwiller in northern Alsace.

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