50% of all groundwater tables were at moderately low to very low levels. For the moment, the winter recharge is not very active, which is unusual for the period.
11 January 2019

Water table levels on 1 January 2019 were uneven across different regions.

The situation has remained unchanged since November: around one third (28%) of all groundwater tables were at moderately high to very high levels while half of them (50%) were at moderately low to very low levels. The remaining fifth (22%) were at average levels. The situation is not particularly encouraging for the period, since the initial impact of the winter recharge can generally be observed at this time.

Trends in water table levels

At the beginning of this winter period, the general trend in water table levels reflects the transition between falling and rising levels. However, the transition is later than usual. Some 60% of the points monitored have started to recharge, with levels rising. The number of points that remained stable (19%) or moved downwards (21%) is still significant. This is an unusual situation for this time of year. We should already be observing a marked impact of the winter recharge, but this is not the case across a large portion of the country.

The general status of the water tables on 1 January 2019 reflects a somewhat slow start to the winter recharge for the moment. The start of the recharge is late but an improvement in the situation is expected over the coming months.