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1 September 2022
BRGM Infos newsletter - overview of issue No. 51.

BRGM Infos newsletter - overview of issue No. 51.

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BRGM Infos is a monthly electronic newsletter that brings you all the latest news from the French Geological Survey.

In issue No. 51, you will find articles on the following topics:

  • France 2030: BRGM selected as co-leader of two new exploratory research programmes
  • Groundwater: a worrying situation for many aquifers
  • Interview of Philippe Varin: "We need to develop a real metals diplomacy"
  • To what extent does the European Union depend on strategic metals?
  • Four new guides for discovering French regional geology
  • Companies: 5 good reasons to choose geothermal energy
  • Drought: will the water war take place? A France Inter podcast with BRGM
  • CARE-PEAT: Reducing carbon emissions from peatlands
  • TURNkey: setting up early warning and rapid response systems for earthquakes
  • Post-mining: Saint-Étienne, emergency treatment of a sinkhole threatening a business
  • Investing for the future: the MINERVE project selected in Orléans
  • Etc.

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