Morocco's Ministry for Energy, Mining and Sustainable Development signed a framework partnership agreement with the BRGM during the Geological Symposium held on 8-9 May 2018 in Rabat.
7 June 2018
Signature of the partnership agreement with Morocco

Aziz Rabbah, Morocco's Minister for Energy, Mining and Sustainable Development and Pierre Toulhoat, the BRGM's Deputy Executive Director, sign the partnership agreement.


Morocco's Ministry for Energy, Mining and Sustainable Development has signed a three-year renewable agreement with the BRGM to strengthen cooperation on the Earth Sciences.

Strengthened cooperation on the Earth Sciences

Morocco's Ministry for Energy, Mining and Sustainable Development (MEMDD) has particular responsibility for conducting national policies on geological research and prospecting for surface and subsurface resources.

Under the partnership agreement, the following topics are set out as a priority areas for cooperation:

  • Geoscientific infrastructure, in particular through geoscientific mapping projects and updating of Morocco's geological lexicon.
  • Georesources: updating the standards and procedures applying to Morocco's inventory of mineral potential; studies on metallogenic syntheses and strategic metals.
  • Georisks: risks of cavity collapse, land movements and slope erosion, clay soil shrinking and swelling, coastline retreat (preparation of an atlas for preventive information), earthquake risks in seismically active regions.
  • Information systems and document management, particularly with a view to the finalisation of the geographic information system of the MEMDD directorate for geology, and implementation of a Geoportal for the distribution and promotion of Moroccan geoscientific information.
  • Training: introduction of a training plan to develop professional competences in Morocco in the fields of geology and GIS technologies; training courses on the integration, analysis and advanced interpretation of geological, geochemical, geophysical and geotechnical data for their application to mineral resources and risk management.