The BRGM has published its new gender equality index, as required by the law on freedom of choice in professional careers. The 2018 index has reached 93/100.
13 April 2019
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Key figure

  • 93.00
    Gender equality index at BRGM for 2018

In France, for the same post and at the same age, women are paid an average of 9% less than men. To advance equality in the workplace, the 5 September 2018 law on freedom of choice in professional careers places companies under obligation to achieve results. In particular, the law requires all companies with more than 50 employees to publish a new gender equality index.

A 93/100 gender equality index at the BRGM

The BRGM has published the result of this index, which stands at 93/100 for 2018.

The score is calculated from five indicators:

  1. Equal pay: the pay gap is 1.4% in favour of men.
  2. Pay rises: the gap stands at 3.1% in favour of women.
  3. Promotion: a 1.4% gap in favour of women.
  4. 100% percent of women returning from maternity leave received the pay increases they were entitled to during their absence.
  5. Two women are among the most highly paid employees.

The BRGM's commitment to gender equality in the workplace

The BRGM is committed to gender equality in the workplace, as required by the law of 4 August 2014 and the company-level agreement on diversity and gender equality at work.

Equality in the workplace means ensuring the absence of any discrimination within a company. The challenge for the BRGM is to achieve true equality between men and women at work, in particular through action against day-to-day sexism at work, equal pay, gender parity at management level and a gender-balanced workforce.