The partnership between Efficacity and BRGM aims to meet environmental challenges in the context of innovative urban development projects.
5 May 2023
Renewal of the partnership between Efficacity and BRGM.

Renewal of the partnership between Efficacity and BRGM.

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BRGM has just signed a partnership with the French R&D Institute Efficacity. Dedicated to the energy and ecological transition of cities and founded under the auspices of French Investments for the Future programme (PIA), Efficacity is a unique partnership-oriented R&D centre in France, addressing the needs of some thirty public and private stakeholders.

BRGM and Efficacity, which are both involved in the preservation of resources and the ecological transition of regions, will collaborate on studies, expertise and support for decision-makers, the development of tools, methodologies and processes and the removal of scientific barriers to identify innovative solutions. The goals are to improve and enhance knowledge of water and soil quality in order to integrate it into the design of urban development projects and to identify appropriate local energy strategies.

A partnership focused on 6 priority themes

The partnership between Efficacity and BRGM aims to strengthen their collaboration on six priority themes:

  • reclaiming degraded areas,
  • recovering secondary materials,
  • subsurface potential for the energy transition,
  • risk prevention and resilience,
  • digital data and tools,
  • a cross-cutting approach to ore-rich ground and the organisation of expert assessments.

The general terms of the partnership include the carrying out of tests, analyses, trials and experiments, as well as the design of prototypes and demonstrators.

Through this cooperation, Efficacity and BRGM will strengthen their ability to respond to the scientific and technological challenges of the future, while improving their understanding of current environmental and social issues.