On 23 October 2019, BRGM will 60 years old. To mark the event, the French geological survey is reviewing its history. Until the end of the year, the BRGM History site will be enriched with new stories.
10 July 2019
New BRGM History website, with a background of archive photos (1960s) in BRGM laboratories in Orléans

The new BRGM History website tells the story of the French geological survey. Archive photo background: in the BRGM laboratories in Orléans (1960s). 


BRGM as we know it today is the result of two centuries of scientific exploration. Since its founding in 1959, the French Geological Survey has continually adapted to economic, geopolitical and technological changes. On the occasion of its 60th anniversary, it is launching a website about its history.

From the first geological survey maps to the environmental challenges of the 21st century

From its creation in 1959 to meeting the new challenges of the sub-surface, through major dates and many adventures, discover how BRGM has become one of the internationally-recognised organisations in the fields of geoscience and environmental issues.

An ongoing series of “BRGM moments”

New "BRGM Moments" will illustrate the major historical periods presented on the BRGM History website until the end of 2019. A series of stories, anecdotes and highlights from the history of the public institution will also be webcast throughout this anniversary year on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.