Philippe Ciais, research director at the Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences, is the winner of the Dolomieu Prize, founded by the BRGM and awarded each year by the French Academy of Sciences. 
28 November 2018
Ceremony for the awarding of the BRGM's 2018 Dolomieu Prize

Ceremony for the awarding of the BRGM's 2018 Dolomieu Prize to Philippe Ciais by the French Academy of Sciences at the Institut de France, 20 November 2018. 

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The BRGM's Dolomieu Prize was awarded by the Academy of Sciences on Tuesday 20 November to Philippe Ciais, research director at the Laboratory of Climate and Environmental Sciences (LSCE), a combined research unit of the CEA, CNRS and the University of Saint-Quentin (UVSQ).

A world-recognised climate change researcher

Philippe Ciais is recognised across the world for his innovative work on greenhouse gases and the impacts of climate change on Earth's ecosystems and their carbon and water exchanges.  As a carbon cycle specialist, he was among the first to design models allowing estimations of greenhouse gas flows at the global scale. He is also renowned for his pioneering work on simulations of future climates.

He was the founder and subsequently the coordinator of ICOS, the very large European research instrument for observations of atmospheric greenhouse gases and their flows within the ecosystems of some twenty countries. Philippe Ciais has authored over 500 publications and is a member of the IPCC.

The Dolomieu Prize for Earth Science research, founded by the BRGM

The Dolomieu Prize, established in 1998, is awarded for outstanding research in the Earth Sciences, alternating each year between fundamental and applied research, to one or more researchers or engineers in France or the European Community. The prize is worth €15 250.