The second issue of "R*, BRGM's Research Newsletter" is devoted to understanding and managing the impact of human activity on the soil and groundwater.
10 June 2015
Water contaminated with heavy metals

Water contaminated with heavy metals. 

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In the face of increasing anthropogenic pressure on soil and groundwater, the second issue of "R*, BRGM's Research Newsletter" looks at how geoscientific research can help us gain a better understanding of these phenomena and develop relevant remediation processes. 

BRGM's research aims at achieving a sustainable model for managing local environments 

Through its expertise in the fields of observation, analysis, modelling, and remediation – as well as its continuous monitoring of scientific developments and breakthroughs – BRGM provides public authorities, companies and community-support organisations with tools to manage and control the environmental impact of human activities more effectively. 

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Research Newsletter No. 2