BRGM's annual open innovation event is back for its 7th edition in Bordeaux, to meet the challenges facing coastal areas.
TInnov Bordeaux 2024.

TInnov Bordeaux 2024.


The TInnov challenge

TInnov is a day of Open Innovation where creativity and collaboration take centre stage.

Like a collective marathon, you will have 8 hours to come up with a new product or service in response to coastal challenges in response to climate change.

You won't be alone on this mission.

BRGM and innovation experts will work with you to form a team with varied profiles and participants from all backgrounds:

  • Companies of all sizes
  • Local and regional authorities
  • Associations, etc.

This intensive day will be punctuated by workshops for brainstorming and pitches to boost your inspiration for the development of tomorrow's geo-solutions!

Join a team for an enjoyable and creative day!

Collapse linked to a pocket of sandy-clay materials, Seine-Maritime

2024 theme: Coast by Coast, Side by side

The theme of Tlnnov, BRGM's annual open innovation event, changes with each edition. This year, the challenges proposed to the teams will be related to the location of the event.

As a scenic setting for culture, trade and biodiversity, our coastlines are a crucial resource. Yet these natural treasures are facing unprecedented challenges.

The growing pressures of urbanisation, industrial development and tourism are exacerbating coastal hazards. They are weakening our marine and coastal ecosystems and reducing their resilience. Faced with rising sea levels and the effects of coastal erosion, it is essential to rethink our approach to coastal management and use.

We need to adopt integrated and sustainable strategies, focusing on conservation, restoration and adaptation, in order to strengthen the resilience of our coastal territories.

Together, let us make sure that our coastlines have a sustainable future.

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Formerly a storage warehouse, Les Chantiers de la Garonne no longer shelters ships, but hosts new activities to rehabilitate the collective use of the river.

On Tuesday 17 September, this brightly-lit and inspiring space will host the participants in TInnov 2024.

300m² of open space with a 180° view of the Garonne and the quays of Bordeaux, giving free rein to your ideas on how to meet the challenges of climate change.

In choosing this venue, TInnov is tying the theme of this year's event and its commitment to supporting local ecosystems.

TInnov 2024 - Example of a typical day's programme.

TInnov 2024 - Example of a typical day's programme.


The watchwords for the day are conviviality, inventiveness and challenge

Jointly building innovative concepts

Develop new product and service concepts by exploring an exciting subject as part of a team with complementary profiles and visions to meet the challenges of climate change.

Meetings with a wide range of different stakeholders

Become more competitive by identifying new avenues for collaboration and boost your network through discussions with potential partners.

Continuous innovation

Have the ideas put forward by the groups inspired you and would you like to develop them further?

BRGM helps bring concepts with innovation potential to maturity, right up to their launch on the market with the most motivated participants!

Would you like to take part in the TInnov adventure?

A LinkedIn group for the latest TInnov news

To keep up to date with all the latest news on TInnov, follow the developments of the concepts and meet potential partners, join us on the TInnov@BRGM Group on LinkedIn!

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