BRGM is taking part in the 2024 edition of the EDF Research Conferences, devoted to water resources. What are the challenges concerning water resources? How can we continue to generate electricity in the face of climate change? What innovations for tomorrow?

Water and electrical power, the key issues

During this day of discussions, scientists, electricity producers, experts, local elected representatives, associations and regional water stakeholders will be sharing their experience, giving you a realistic and concrete view of the challenges facing water resources.

Organised by its R&D department, in collaboration with the Direction de l'Action Régionale Centre Val de Loire, this 2024 edition will be devoted to water resources, with a central theme: "Water and Electrical power, the major challenges". This annual one-day event will feature pitches, round table discussions and debates.

BRGM participation

Christophe Poinssot, Deputy Director General and Scientific Director of BRGM, will be speaking in the morning on the subject of "The great water cycle and the foreseeable effects of climate change".