BRGM is a partner of the seminar on "Territories facing water scarcity" which will be held simultaneously on-line and in Paris on 3 dates: 25 May, 6 June and 15 June 2023.
Seminar: Regions facing water scarcity. Seminar: Regions facing water scarcity.

Seminar: Regions facing water scarcity.


For several decades, urbanisation, industrial, energy-related and agricultural activities, and now climate change, have posed a real threat to the global availability of freshwater, a common good which is essential for human and animal life, ecosystems, climate regulation, biodiversity, and the development and functioning of many economic sectors. In the different regions, access to water, the sharing of water to be arbitrated between the various stakeholders, water management and sanitation, and its sobre use are becoming major issues.

The seminar will provide scientific insights to help elected officials and public and private regional stakeholders make enlightened decisions. It will provide an opportunity to share knowledge and questions about:

  • the history of water management and cultural representations of water, 
  • the water cycle and how it works, the functions and value of water – a resource, a living environment, a vital element for climate regulation, ecosystem functioning and human development – and natural and anthropogenic pressures on water resources, in the light of current research,
  • the levers and obstacles identified by the regional stakeholders for making better use of water in their regions and establishing sustainable and careful management of the resource,
  • the evolution of water governance to meet the challenge of sobriety and the sharing of the resource between the different users,
  • the financial challenges of water policies and the support mechanisms for exploring innovative solutions.

Dominique Darmendrail, BRGM Director of the "Groundwater and Global Change" scientific programme, will speak during a webinar on the subject of groundwater and global change on Thursday 25 May, from 6 to 8 pm.

Three key dates

Water in question

  • The history of water management and cultural and social representations of water: Julie Trottier, Director of Research, CNRS, PRODIG Unit (Research Unit for the Organisation and Dissemination of Geographic Information)
  • The state of the water resource: Dominique Darmendrail, Director of the "Groundwater and Global Change Programme", BRGM

Water use and consumption

  • Marielle Montginoul, Research Director, UMR G-Eau, INRAE
  • Alain Bazot, President of UFC-Que Choisir - prospective speaker
  • Pierre Colin, wine producer and member of the Hérault Chamber of Agriculture
  • A representative of the energy sector

Stakeholders and regions: what common objectives should be shared for sustainable and sober water management?

  • Day dedicated to discussions between stakeholders

Venue: Hub des Territoires - 72, avenue Pierre Mendès France, Paris 13ème

Registration will be opening shortly.