BRGM is organising a seminar entitled "3D hydrogeological mesh modelling: tools, uses and prospects" on 11 June 2024 in Fleury-les-Aubrais (Loiret).

A great deal of work has been done at BRGM on developing numerical modelling of the quantitative and qualitative aspects of hydrological systems, in particular via the development of the MARTHE (for mesh models), COMPASS (for finite volumes) and GARDENIA and EROS (for comprehensive models) codes.

Other similar tools have also been developed by various French and foreign research institutes, including the CaWaqs calculation code from the Ecole des Mines, the SIM hydrometeorological model (Safran-ISBA-MODCOU), the MODFLOW software developed by the US Geological Survey and interfaced by several companies (GMS MODFLOW, Visual MODFLOW, etc.), the FEFLOW (finite element) software sold as a commercial product and MIKE SHE developed by MIKE-Powered-by-DHI, the HYDROGEOPSHERE platform by Aquantys and many other products.

The use of these digital tools provides answers to environmental and economic questions that are sometimes crucial on local and regional levels, depending on the context (scarcity of resources, competition for use, changes in the face of climate change, etc.) and for uses and purposes that involve both national authorities and industry.


  • To exchange experience with partners and collaborators outside BRGM on simulation work related to water resource management in various contexts.
  • To identify emerging needs for future developments (existing software, coupling of approaches, taking uncertainties into account, optimisation, automatic calibration, use of Artificial Intelligence, etc.).
  •  To discuss possible partnership opportunities.


CCI - Chamber of Commerce and Industry
43 Rue Danton, 45400 Fleury-les-Aubrais