BRGM is a partner to the DEEPSURF Conference, a forum for scientific, political and societal debate arising from the need to manage natural resources in a more sustainable way in the context of climate change and transition to green and renewable energies.

Questions and challenges emerging from the Green Deal promoted by the European Union will be at the heart of the Conference, including:

  • How to reduce greenhouse gases emissions and enhance carbon dioxide sequestrations;

  • How to improve our knowledge of complex ecosystems involved in ecological transition;

  • How to contribute to the debate on sustainable resource management.

The Conference aims to bring together scientists from a range of disciplines: geosciences, environment, soil, forest sciences, applied mathematics, geography, history, economy, and social and legal sciences. Such diversity is necessary in order to debate the major challenges posed by the European Green Deal.

3 plenary sessions

These sessions will focus on:

  • Carbon storage;
  • Matter and heat transfer;
  • Use of land and subsurface for energy transition.

Several specific sessions

These specific sessions will focus on:

  • Data management and computational sciences;
  • Geological storage;
  • Low-emission hydrocarbons;
  • Biomass production and soil ecosystem services;
  • Optimization in forest ecology and management;
  • Agricultural land and wasteland;
  • Metals for energy transition
  • Etc.