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The new nile valley- green in the desert...

In the new agricultural zones of the

Libyan Desert, BRGM is helping to

improve water and soil quality,and to

implement best practices in environ-

mental management of agricultural


A huge project aimed at doubling the

Nile Valley using water from the

Nasser Lake began in 1978. Today it

links the lake with the Touchka

depression, and work is progressing

to the North-West to reach the

Khargaoasis350kmawayin thedesert.

BRGM has worked on the project on

site since 2001, in the frame of the

ENCA project (Evolution of a new

cultivated area).

An environmental laboratory

With the support of the French

Egyptian cooperation agency for agri-

culture (BLAFE), the ENCA project is

conducted in close partnership with

the SWERI research centre for agri-

culture development.

The target is towin 400,000 hectares

in the Kharga oasis.The ENCA project

includes the implementation of a lab,

training of partners,and a joint survey

of water and soil quality.

international cooperation

L’équipe ENCA observe les

techniques d’irrigation dans

l’oasis d’Al Kharga.

The ENCA team studying irrigation

techniques in the Al Kharga oasis.

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